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Despite the small dimensions of Alvor, there has been a settlement here for centuries, only recently has it grown once tourists started finding it, so we thought it would be the case to talk a bit about the Alvor historic attractions that you can expect to find while on your Alvor holiday or trip.

The town itself has a very old world charm about it and is in many respects still a village with a strong sense of its history, and there are quite a few historical attractions to be seen in Alvor as well as its surroundings.

Alvor Castle

One of the main historical landmarks of the place is the Alvor Castle which was built sometime before the 12th century, but it is not exactly known when, it is documented to exist since at least 1189 when it is mentioned that Sancho I captures the Muslim castle located in the village. As it was the case with many major buildings and towns in the region at that time, the Alvor Castle changed hands a few times between the Moors and the Christians.

Nowadays only one of the turrets and two sections of the wall remain intact, but it is still an important attraction for the history enthusiasts to see.

alvor-historical-attractionsIgreja Matriz Divino Salvador

This is the main ecclesiastical building that presides over the entire town, both geographically as well as culturally to a large extent. This building is a wonderful example of Manueline architecture, one of the most attractive churches in the entire region of the Algarve.

Roman ruins

Just as you head out of the Alvor town centre, right next to the Alvor River and on your way to Lagos you can find the Roman ruins of Villa Abicada. Unfortunately the ruins are in need of some massive restoration but they are still worth a visit. The ruins are of Roman villa that was built and inhabited sometime around the fourth century.


There are still a couple of places that will definitely keep your interest and can easily make for a solid day of visits or more if you go by foot, but keep in mind the advantages of car rental services.

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