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alvor-shopping-tourThe Algarve region is well known for its beaches, coastline, golfing and great culture, but less-so for its very diverse shopping facilities, but an Alvor shooping tour will show you exactly how that part of the region should also be a major pull for many.

There are a plethora of choices to look through and at, from boutique shops that sell handmade goods to a bunch of gypsy markets that go along the coast, to the ever-present designer brands in the large shopping malls and hypermarkets; an Alvor shopping tour will offer all of these and more.

Alvor shopping tour

The traditional wares that you can expect to find range from embroidery and linen, hand-painted ceramics, jewelry to even furniture.  Don’t forget that you’re in the Algarve, so you’ll surely find Port wine as well as many other Portuguese grape varieties, considerably cheaper than the normal import prices that you’ll pay back home.

Now Alvor is a smaller fishing village, a very family-friendly destination, so you may not find the very glitzy shopping opportunities that other Algarve destinations have. On the other hand with an Algarve rental car you can easily reach them.

On the other hand Alvor is a great choice to find smaller, locally made products, various types of ceramics, basketware, great choices if you want a memento of your trip, or some presents for family and friends at home.

If jewelry is your thing then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll find quite a few little shops that sell hand crafted jewelry and various ornaments made from precious or semi-precious stones, something a bit more particular than the normal fare.

You simply must visit the Alvor market though, not only does it offer great value for money but it is also a wonderful delight to the senses thanks to the piles upon piles of fragrant and colorful fruit and vegetables. You simply have to check the market out if you’re self catering, and don’t miss the fish market, nor the local planalto wine.

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