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Between the 10th and 18th of August, the Festa Do Marisco De Alvor – Alvor Seafood Festival – will be taking place on the Alvor waterfront.

The city of Alvor is one of the best places in the entire region to enjoy the very best that the Algarve has to offer in terms of seafood, sprinkled with some cold drinks to compensate for the heat that you’ll be experiencing during the most torrid days of summer.

It’s a great event to visit if you’re anything of a seafood aficionado, the Algarve coast being well-known for having some great ingredients and gastronomy in relation to this source of nourishment.

Fesa-do-Marisco-de-alvorSeafood is considered to be one of the great attractions of Alvor, one of the pearls in its crown so to speak and this festival celebrates this characteristic so as to show everyone both in the region as well as visiting that Alvor does seafood best. Not only that, but there is also a wide variety of seafood to choose from – as one might expect from such a festival – which makes it a great chance for tourist to try out a plethora of local dishes in just one place, a feat that would otherwise take considerably longer to achieve, and maybe even prove to be more expensive.

Obviously no festival can be complete without adding in a bunch more local and regional color. Of course, the food will be great and varied, but there will also be many traditional entertainment shows, focusing on traditional music, dance and customs.

It’s a pretty massive festival, lasting for a total of nine days, you might think that you can’t get it all in but interestingly enough the thing is on a pretty tight schedule. Every day starts at 7PM and then ends at around 1AM, so a relatively short window of time but considering the temperatures that you’d have to endure if it were to be held during the day, this is a much better idea.

The entry fee will be 5 Euros.

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