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Alvor golf clubsOne might be going to Alvor for any number of reasons, but one main reason might be the great golfing opportunities that can be found in and around the city and that is where the option of renting Alvor Golf clubs can come heavily into play.

The thing about going on a golfing trip – while extremely relaxing and a great way to spend a holiday – is that some find it hard to travel with their clubs in tow. This can be due to a plethora of reasons, mostly having to do with the economics of actually traveling with one’s clubs.

Let’s start with the fact that many, if not most golfing enthusiasts will have already invested a lot of money into their passion for the sport, in the form of some rather expensive clubs. This would make one quite reluctant to travel with such an investment.

The first problem comes when you want to travel with them, first of all protecting them, and then paying for their transport. A golf bag and clubs are both very heavy and voluminous, so paying for air travel for them as well will surely put a nice dent in any budget.

And since I mentioned denting earlier, you’ll still be putting your clubs at risk of being damaged, simply unacceptable. This is why renting some Alvor Golf clubs will prove to be a much better choice. Not only will you be saving your small treasure by not traveling with it, but you might also come ahead when it comes to cost, it depends.

There are other advantages to renting Algarve Golf clubs, like experimenting with some new types or brands, maybe you’re considering purchasing one of them and what could be better than to actually get to try them out on a real golf course?

The first golf club that I want to present is Alto Golf  - Golf Course –  in Alvor.
This golf club have a 18 hole course located close to the Alvor city.  This course is situated close enough to the ocean to give the player an occasional sea view.  The Alto Golf Course is considered a good test of the ability of the player with strategic bunkers, dog-legs, elevated greens and well placed trees.

You can find more information about the locations and address of Alto Golf course here:
Quinta do Alto Poco 8501-906 – Alvor




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