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Alvor nature trip May 24

101-fullImage-SnapeAlvor082As we mention in other places on this site, Alvor is located at the mouth of the estuary formed by the River Alvor and River Arade, which makes for a wonderful location for nature enthusiasts to explore a wide plethora of biosphere.

This is one of the most important wetland areas in the entire region of the Algarve and is home to dozens of migratory bird species as well as a large variety of other animal life.

The region is protected by law so that all the species that thrive in the diverse habitats can continue their lives without intervention from human development.

Alvor nature trip

The Alvor Estuary is separated from the sea by two sand dunes and this gives birth to a unique type of coastal lagoon, and alongside the surrounding wetlands and the peninsulas of Quinta da Rocha and Abicada, make up an area of over 1454 hectares. We should note that in this protected area it is not just the animal and plant species that thrive, but there are also communities of fishermen and shellfish gatherers who rely on this rick ecosystem for their livelihood.

The wetland area can be seen to a certain degree on foot, but for most of it, the marshland is only accessible by either bicycle or rental car. Also the best way of exploring is by water, and in this respect canoeists will have a great time here since that’s the ideal means of exploring the place. Experienced individuals can go on their own, but for those who aren’t as experienced there are plenty of guided groups organized to take part in.

The lagoon and its immediate surroundings can easily occupy one’s time, but there are also options for those who are a bit more adventurous. They can go on trips up the river which are longer and more demanding of the traveler, but similarly they offer more sights.

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